Helsinki-based anarchist group
Anarkistinen Toiminta
Anarchist action from the year 2003.

Anarkistinen Toiminta / PL 60, 00531 Helsinki, Finland / at [at]


Anarchism is a working class ideologue originating from the 19th century. The word anarchy comes from Greek and is roughly translated as "no rulers." Anarchists aim for an unhierarchist, genuinely healthy society that functions on the basis of individual freedom,  shared responsibility and true equality. Only this way can we live a good, creative and balanced life in accord with fellow beings and the environment. And only by active participation, acting and organizing can we achieve that.


Since the dissolution of the Finnish Anarchist Federation (Suomen AnarkistiLiitto, SAL), for few years there was anarchist activity in the capital area only through independent campaigns. Anarchist Action was born out of the grown need of organized, aparlamentaristic political activity. We work directly on the grass-root level and we do not accept alienating bureaucracies or hierarchic decision-making processes as ways of championing our aims. We are an open, growing and developing group and eager to work in all the areas where anarchist theory and action has to offer. We organize events, participate in campaigns, produce material and uphold the general anarchist culture in Helsinki and Finland. You can join the group by taking part in action - meetings are held on a weekly basis!

Anarkistinen Toiminta
PL 60, 00531 Helsinki, Finland
at [at]


1. The aim of the organization is a society based on direct democracy and self-government, where every person has an equal power to determine on issues touching them. Matters should be always deciced as locally as possible and under the general meetings of everyone concerned, whenever this just is possible. Issues that concern so wide groups that representatives are needed, these should represent only the opinion of their voters; they should be able to be discharged and decisions made by them withdrawn, when they act withouth their voters' authorization.

2. The organization opposes all forms of exploitation and domination. Therefore it doesn't accept any kind of State or any form of capitalism. The authority and production should be in the common hands of the people and they must be organized according to common decision. Every individual must have the right to act freely upon their will as longs as they do not hurt others.

3. The organization advocates the equality of all the people regardless of  status, gender, ethnicity, sexuality, political or religious views or any other personal property. Also the defending of ecological diversity, developement of  living comfort and consideration of animal rights are part of the organizations principles.

4. The organization aims to advance genuine grass-root activity culture by practical measures and follow in it's work the same principles it drives for the whole society.

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